Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kai and I take a trip to Le Flor Reserve.

Kai and I headed to the beach for a little bit of fun and work this last weekend. It was my first time at a Nicaragua beach, and it was beautiful, not to mention amazing surf. And yes, Kai is really sleeping in that picture. One of many things he´s mastered. Actually I´ll create you a quick list of new skills Kai´s mastered:
1. Sleeping or standing on croweded busses.
2. Riding in backs of pick-up trucks on dirt roads (a favorite)
3. Riding on the middle bar of a bike while we bike to meetings
4. Not stepping on cow or horse poop in the road.
5. Sleeping under a mosquito net
6. Taking a bath in a bucket (I still heat up water for him though)
7. Not petting dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, frogs, etc without asking first.
8. How to communicate basic Spanish words.
9. How to leave the house quickly so mosquitos don´t come in.
10. How to put his toilet paper in the trash- not the toilet!

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