Monday, January 21, 2008

Kai celebrates 5th birthday in Nicaragua

Kai recently celebrated his 5th birthday in El Menco. Although his birthday was on the 8th, we celebrated on the 18th, to coordinate with his buddy's birthday- Carlos. We had a good time- everyone got pirate tatoos and Kai successfully knocked tons of candy and school supplies out of Batman here!


Anonymous said...

We are trying to do the same thing in the lake that you are doing in town. I'm trying to see if I can get a church organization involved that will help with clothing for the school-age children as well as trying and get a "sister" church to help send funding for classes on the islands and well as getting all the kids to school with an inplace lunch and breakfast program (for all) so that the kids do go to school. There is a gentleman in the islands who I have sent a letter to who wants to have "English classes" to instead offer vocational training as well as Spanish reading and writing classes for the islanders.

Anonymous said...

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